Art therapy Heals

Rachel Ward,LMFT, ATR​​



Teen and adult  Talk Therapy

in person and online


Sometimes you don't want to talk. Maybe that's not your style. Sometimes not feeling good about yourself or your life requires creativity. 

Art Therapy can be described as the process of making art in a therapeutic setting, or as an at-home therapist-directed project, or as an intervention and part of the therapeutic process. Phew, that said a lot.

​Some of my favorite work is art therapy with adults, whether they are creatives or not. 

Art therapy with children is often a means to explore the inner worlds of those who may not have the words to express themselves verbally. The quality of artwork is not the issue, nor does one symbol or shape mean the same to everyone.

Remember, you don't need to be an "artist" to experience art therapy. We all possess creative potential, and frankly, those who consider themselves unartistic often create the most powerful and creative product. There are no mistakes in art therapy. 

​​​​​Isolated, irritable, withdrawn? Relationships falling apart? Something doesn't feel right?

If this sounds like your experience, it is time to talk about it.

Something needs to change.  

Therapy can be an amazing and awesome experience where someone "gets" you.

Adults need care and attention too. A place to feel comfortable talking about the things we only think about but don't express. 

Adolescents need a certain kind of therapist/counselor and many find it easy to connect with someone who really wants to get them. I hope you say to yourself, "Huh, I hadn't thought to look at this issue that way," and end up creating a happier and healthier path.  

Oh, and I expect we will laugh together as you heal! It happens in my work all the time.